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'An objective referee for robot soccer'

Building upon the Robotic Drone Referee project executed by the first generation of Mechatronics System Design trainees, the objective of this project is to extend the system architecture (which was previously developed) and prove the concept. This will be done by refereeing a robot-soccer match using a drone and a ground robot. These two agents working together, are expected to evaluate two rules:

  1. Ball going out of pitch, i.e. the outside rule
  2. collision between the players, i.e. a situation where a free-kick needs to be awarded against the defaulting team

On this page details regarding the architecture, the hardware used and the software developed for implementation are made available.


This project was carried out for the second module of the 2016 MSD PDEng program. The team consisted of the following members:

  • Farzad Mobini
  • Tuncay Uğurlu Ölçer
  • Jordy Senden
  • Akarsh Sinha
  • Tim Verdonschot
  • Sa Wang
  • Joep Wolken
Tumbnail test video.png

Illustration by Peter van Dooren, BSc student at Mechanical Engineering, TU Eindhoven, November 2016.