Advanced oxidation processes (AOP) for water purification and recovery

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advanced oxidation processes(AOP) is a process to purify and recover water through exploiting the high reactivity of HO radicals in the driving oxidation process. AOP provides a powerful means to purify wastewaters by removing the toxic pollutants. AOP has an average cost to be performed. Overall this is a possible way to purify the water for our project, although the constant need for H2O2 and O3 which are both expensive reactants, might make it better to search for other solutions. The article also describes the use of other reactants, but it does not specify anything about the cost and thus we can't say anything about the use of it. They do provide a formula to check whether AOP is worth it. It is worth if E < 2.5 :

[math]\displaystyle{ E = P *1000V*ln(1060)*k(batchreactor) }[/math]

In this formula E is in KWH, P is the lamp power, k is the pseudo first order constant and V is the volume of the tested solution.