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A Multi-Modality Mobility Concept for a Small Package Delivery UAV

Young, L.A. “A Multi-Modality Mobility Concept for a Small Package Delivery UAV” https://vtol.org/store/product/a-multimodality-mobility-concept-for-a-small-package-delivery-uav-11868.cfm


The article describes a different approach to the current delivery drone system. The approach described uses an aerial drone to deliver the packages to a central point in a neighborhood , from that point an automated vehicle delivers the drone to the destination. The concept is called the MICHAEL (Multimodal Intra-City Hauling and Aerial-Effected Logistic). The concept elaborates on one concept of an drone that converts to an driving drone on the designated landing spots in a neighborhood. The article mostly describes how the concept was made, looks into delivery time and the costs of the MICHAEL system. For us it is important to look at some considerations like the landing angle of the drone, this is important for the design of our landing platform. Furthermore, the considerations the writers took for this concept are useful. People are used to the driving vehicles in their neighborhood, adding a driving drone wouldn’t be such a problem for most people. People aren’t used to aerial drones in their neighborhood, they are more invasive than driving drones and have less danger in crashing. In the MICHAEL system the drones will only fly to one spot in the neighborhood, this way people can get used to flying patterns, which can’t be done in the current system. However, the MICHAEL system would cost more than the already existing system. In designing the landing platform/delivery spot we have to think about how we want to see the packages being delivered. Because making a pole high of the ground isn’t useful for ground delivery drones.