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  1. Opening
  2. Findings during Background Research
    • Rules & Regulations
    • Deliveries
    • Package Sorting
    • Other
  3. To Do List before Thursday
    • Wiki Update
    • Individual Tasks
  4. Closing


  1. Opening
  2. Findings during Background Research
    • Rules & Regulations - Overall it was noted that there weren't many rules (for drones) because they are still in the making. But for mailboxes there are a lot of standards depending on location (curbside, inside, cluster) and size. Just to take into account when designing.
    • Deliveries - In regards to deliveries, package couriers drop packages into mailboxes if the size fits, otherwise ring the doorbell. If the person is not home, one tries again later or holds it at a Post Office facility for pickup. This is clearly not what a drone can do (at least not yet) . Possible consideration is make the mailbox accessible to package couriers too.
    • Package Sorting - Conveyors belts & scanners are often used in package sorting.
    • Other - None
  3. To Do List before Thursday - Everyone should get their requirements UP on 17-9 so that Frederique can have the design matrix ready for brainstorm.
    • Wiki Update - Karen will add feedback of today's presentation. Thursday we will decide who adds what has been completed for this week.
    • Individual Tasks - Requirements: K-Functional, L-Product, T-External, F-Process
  4. Closing