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The regulation of civilian drones impacts on behavioral privacy

Clarke, R. “The regulation of civilian drones impacts on behavioral privacy”, Elsevier (2014). https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/computer-law-and-security-review


The article explain that there are different forms of privacy and the part that surveillance drones play in invading this privacy. In the next section of the article explicit ways and problems are discussed about the surveillance of the drones, e.g. discrimination, oppressed and paranoid feelings. The main conclusion of this part is that there is a negative psychological impact on individuals and at social and economic level of groups in society. In the fourth part the article explains the way drones are regulated right now. It explains multiple ways to regulate drone usage and concludes that some ways, like soft regulatory forms, are not satisfactory. Other forms need some changes to be able to implemented in a society. The article continues with discussing human right laws and privacy laws and their importance in the context of surveillance drones. The articles importance for our project would be that we could use the views of different stakeholders discussed in the article and take them into account in our setup. The social impact on people with the usage of drones could influence the way our setup is made. Furthermore the regulatory forms discussed show us multiple things to think about in our setup. As well as the laws that our setup should comply to.