0LAUK0 2015 01 Week5

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Week 5: 28-09-15






Kasper Bakker

Frank van Heeswijk

Yuanlong Li

-Made a discrete event simulator based on React.NET framework

The simulator is able to simulate multiple buses, bus stops and passengers interacting with each other.

Basically there are 3 different kind of process running in the simulator

1. Bus is keep running around and retrieving next destination from the scheduler interface

2. Passenger is another process trigged by bus at bus stops. On/off action will take certain amount of time for each passenger.

3. Simulator itself acts as environment. It generates passengers using Exponential distribution and step through random time generated using Normal distribution.

There's still a lot to do to make the simulation complete:

1. Currently only a one route static scheduler is implemented. Dynamic scheduler and multiple routes static scheduler need to be implemented.

2. The current test is in command line. A GUI is needed, maybe Unity.

3. more

Eric Steenhof

Joey Verest

Eric Wolters

Lester Jones