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<li>nr-of-dirt-clusters (slider)</li>
<li>nr-of-dirt-clusters (slider)</li>
<li>min_dirtdecrease (slider)</li>
<li>min_dirtdecrease (slider)</li>
<li>hard_to_clean_active (switch)</li> </lu>
<li>hard_to_clean_active (switch)</li> </ul>

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To make a sensible comparison between the three algorithms, it is of high importance that they are tested on the same conditions. The conditions here are the settings of the sliders and buttons

in NetLogo. A choice has to be made for the following buttons and sliders:
  • width-window (slider)
  • height-window (slider)
  • dirt-intensity (slider)
  • nr-of-dirt-clusters (slider)
  • min_dirtdecrease (slider)
  • hard_to_clean_active (switch)
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