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'TODO:' lijst maken0LAUK0 2015 01 Design Report0LAUK0 2015 01 OurPlan
0LAUK0 2015 01 Simulation0LAUK0 2015 01 Survey0LAUK0 2015 01 TheIdea
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0LAUK0 2018Q1 Group 2 - Prototype0LAUK0 2018Q1 Group 2 - Prototype Functionality Testing0LAUK0 2018Q1 Group 2 - Prototype User Testing
0LAUK0 2018Q1 Group 2 - SotA Literature Study0LAUK0 2018Q1 Group 2 - test link0LAUK0 PRE2016 3 Groep10 Application code
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0LAUK0 PRE2016 3 Groep10 Project progress0LAUK0 PRE2016 3 Groep18 DetailedScenarios0LAUK0 PRE2016 3 Groep18 Interview
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0LAUK0 PRE2016 3 Groep18 programminggame0LAUK0 PRE2018 3 Group 13 Braille mechanisms0LAUK0 PRE2018 3 Group 13 Concept interface
0LAUK0 PRE2018 3 Group 13 Dummy sentence0LAUK0 PRE2018 3 Group 13 Letter software0LAUK0 PRE2018 3 Group 13 Material Study
0LAUK0 PRE2018 3 Group 13 Planning0LAUK0 PRE2018 3 Group 13 SotA Literature Study0LAUK0 PRE2018 3 Group 13 User Research
10 tips for your Thesis11-Sept-1411.
32.4.4Aanbevelingen en toepassingen
4Data verwerken4Discussie4Discussie van ons onderzoek
4Doelstellingen4Eventueel vervolgonderzoek4Inleiding
4Onderzoek4Onderzoeksvraag4SC020 Design Document.pdf
4USE aspecten5.6-Oct-14
9-Oct-149.== Week 1 ==
= State of the Art Literature Study =A. Prakash, W. A. Rogers. (2015). Why Some Humanoid Faces Are Perceived More Positively Than Others: Effects of Human-Likeness and Task.AI articles not yet on the wiki
AMIGO Kinect ScriptAMIGO ROS ScriptAMIGO research
ARParrotGPS PRE2 Groep1AWESOME DELIVERY SYSTEMA Gecko Inspired Fluid Driven Climbing Robot
A High Integrity IMU/GPS Navigation Loop for Autonomous Land Vehicle ApplicationsA Moving Solar Roof for a Hybrid Solar VehicleA Multi-Modality Mobility Concept for a Small Package Delivery UAV
A Path Motion Planning For Humanoid Climbing RobotA Small Window-Cleaning Robot for Domestic UseA Study of Omnidirectional Quad-Screw-Drive Configurations for All-Terrain Locomotion
A Survey of Socially Interactive Robots.A cost-benefit analysis of Amazon Prime AirA cost-optimization model in multi-agent system routing for drone delivery
A dynamic colour perception system for autonomous robot navigation on unmarked roadsA multi-objective green UAV routing problemA survey of climbing robots: Locomotion and adhesion
A survey on coverage path planning for roboticsA wall climbing robot for inspection useAbubshait, A. & Wiese, E. (2017). You Look Human, But Act Like a Machine: Agent Appearance and Behavior Modulate Different Aspects of Human–Robot Interaction.
AcapelaboxAcqgen DataAcquisitionAdams, B. et al. (2000). Humanoid Robots: A New Kind of Tool.
Adjustments sentencesAdvanced oxidation processes (AOP) for water purification and recoveryAirports under a microscope - Group 4 - 2018/2019, Semester B, Quartile 3
Algemeen: LogboekAlgorithmAlgorithm 1
Algorithm 2Amazon Helicopter Delivery System Analysis
Amazon Prime AirAn Analysis of Water Collection Labor among Women and Children in 24 Sub-Saharan African CountriesAnalyse
Analyse gemeenschappelijke vragenlijstAnalyse open vragen en AMIGO-lijstAnalyse van prototypen
Analysis of energy capture by vehicle solar roofs in conjunction with workplace plug-in chargingAnalytical modelling of suction cups used for window-cleaning robotsAngst voor robots
AnswersAppendix PRE2020 1 Group2Archive hyperlink needed
Arduino code 1Arduino code 2Article 1
Article 2Article 3Article Summaries
Article summaries literature studyArticles bartArticles lighting
Asada M. K. F. MacDorman, H. Ishiguro, Y. Kuniyoshi. (2017). Cognitive developmental robotics as a new paradigm for the design of humanoid robots.Assessing Acceptance of Assistive Social Agent Technology by Older Adults: the Almere ModelAssumptions on parcel delivery drones
Auto-Selection Of Package Delivery Location Based On Estimated Time Of DeliveryAutoRef - Autonomous Referee SystemAutoRef Honors2019 Layout
AutoRef Honors2019 SimulationAutoRef Honors2019 Software ArchitectureAutoRef Honors2019 conclusion
AutoRef Honors2019 minutesAutoRef Honors2019 reflectionAutoRef Honors2019 team
AutoRef Honors2019 timelineAutoRef Honors2019 videologAutoRef Honors2019 vision
AutoRef InventoryAutoRef Layout
AutoRef MSD 1819AutoRef MSD 2019AutoRef MSD 2019-2020
AutoRef MSD 2020AutoRef MSD 2020: Contents
AutoRef PDEng MSD 2020 implementationAutoRef PDEng MSD 2020 system architecture
AutoRef TeamsAutoRef distance violation checking
AutoRef honors 2019AutoRef implementationAutoRef manuals
AutoRef system architectureAutonomie PRE2 Groep1Autonomous Aerial Cargo/Utility system
Autonomous Delivery SystemAutonomous Drones for Assisting Rescue Services within the context of Natural DisastersAutonomous Football Table
Autonomous Measurement Drone for Remote Dangerous Source Location MappingAutonomous Referee SystemAutonomous Refueling Stations
Autonomous and automatic landing system for dronesAutonomous mobility scooter requirementsAutonoom vliegen links
Backed up assumptions Group 10Background ARSBackground Research
Ball DetectionBalrobotBar-Cohen, Y., & Breazeal, C., (2003). Biologically inspired intelligent robots.
Bartneck, C. et al. (2009). My Robotic Doppelgänger - A Critical Look at the Uncanny ValleyBeamer with Sidebar
Beantwoorde deelvragenBeantwoorden vraag waarom het een probleem is dat blinden en slechtzienden minder werken dan zienden.Begroting Onderzoek
Beschrijving van 3 banen waar robotica eventueel zouden kunnen helpenBestaande technologieBeveiliging
BlueSmiRF moduleBordschrijfrobotBotsingdetectie
BotsingsdetectieBrainstormBrainstorm group5
BrainstormenBrainstormsessieBreazeal, C. & Scassellatie, B. (2002). Robots That Imitate Humans.
BreedteBrenna D. Argall, Sonia Chernova, Manuela Veloso, Brett Browning (2008), A survey of robot learning from demonstration, Robotics and Autonomous SystemsBroad SotA
Bronnen emotiesBronnen persuasivenessC. G. Atkeson, J. G. Hale, F. Pollick, M. Riley, S. Kotosaka, S. Schaal, T. Shibata, G. Tevatia, A. Ude, S. Vijayakumar, E. Kawato, M. Kawato. (2000). Using Humanoid Robots To Study Human Behavior.
CATCalculation of Optimal Magnetic Force for Automatic Control Magnetic Force of the Window Cleaning RobotCan drones deliver?
Can unmanned aerial systems (drones) be used for the routine transport of chemistry, hematology, and coagulation laboratory specimens?Case studiesCategorieën
Categorizing solutions - Group 4 - 2018/2019, Semester B, Quartile 3Chi-square test
ChimneyChimney to CubbyChin Chang Ho, Karl F. MacDorman (2016), Measuring the Uncanny Valley Effect
Chronological DocumentChung-En Yu (2020). Humanlike robots as employees in the hotel industry: Thematic content analysis of online reviews.Civilian drones, privacy, and the federal-state balance
ClairvoyanceCleaningClimbing cleaning robot for vertical surfaces
Cluster analyseCoaching QuestionsCoaching Questions Group 1
Coaching Questions Group 10Coaching Questions Group 11Coaching Questions Group 12
Coaching Questions Group 13Coaching Questions Group 14Coaching Questions Group 15
Coaching Questions Group 16Coaching Questions Group 17Coaching Questions Group 18
Coaching Questions Group 2Coaching Questions Group 3Coaching Questions Group 4
Coaching Questions Group 5Coaching Questions Group 6Coaching Questions Group 7
Coaching Questions Group 8Coaching Questions Group 9Code
Code group5 2020Collected interviewsCommercieel PRE2 Groep1
Communication and behaviourComparison motion planning algorithmsConcepts Chosen
Conclusie PRE2Groep2ConclusionConclusion - Group 4 - 2018/2019, Semester B, Quartile 3
Conclusions Recommendations MSD16Conclusions Recommendations MSD19Concurrentie PRE2 Groep1
Content ARS largeContent AutoRef Honors2019 largeContent AutoRef large
Content EUTAFT largeContent MSD16 largeContent MSD16 small
Content MSD19 largeContent MSD19 smallControl
Control for DummiesControl of Mobile Robots 2020Cost function 2016 a2
Cubby to PersonDMC: Tips and TricksDaniël Pijnenborg
Decision Model - Group 4 - 2018/2019, Semester B, Quartile 3Decision Model validation - Group 4 - 2018/2019, Semester B, Quartile 3Decision tree - Group 4 - 2018/2019, Semester B, Quartile 3
DeelvragenDelivery platform for unmanned areal vehiclesDense topological maps and partial pose estimation for visual control of an autonomous cleaning robot
Design MethodologyDesign and Control of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Autonomous Parcel Delivery with Transition from Vertical Take-off to Forward FlightDesign and Kinematic Analysis of Tethered Guiding Vehicle (TGV) for façade window cleaning
Design and stability analysis of a novel wall-climbing robotic platform (ROPE RIDE)Design of a small-scale autonomous amphibious vehicleDesigning the Opening Component
Designing the robotDesinging the robot
DetectiefoutenDetection SkillDevelopment of a High Efficiency and High Reliable Glass Cleaning Robot with a Dirt Detect Sensor
Dieter Vanderelst, Alan Winfield (2017), Rational imitation for robots: the cost difference modelDiscussion - Group 4 - 2018/2019, Semester B, Quartile 3Documents
Doering, M., & Glas, D., & Ishiguro, H., (2019). Modeling Interaction Structure for Robot Imitation Learning of Human Social Behavior.Done
Drive trough a corridorDroneDrone-Aided Healthcare Services for Patients with Chronic diseases in Rural Areas
Drone Operated Delivery ReceptacleDrone Referee - MSD 2017/18Drone Referee - MSD 2018/9
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