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RoPod Configuration


During the RoPod project, you will use several tools, systems and concepts you might have (partly) seen before. Here, a general overview will be given in order to get everything up-and-running as fast as possible.

  1. Installing Ubuntu (Windows Part)
  2. Installing Ubuntu (Linux Part)
  3. Configuring GitHub
  4. Matlab Installation
  5. Matlab and ROPOD platform interface
  6. ROS installation
  7. Matlab and a ROS node interface
  8. GAZEBO installation and interface with ROS
  9. Install SDL library
  10. Load heightmap in GAZEBO

Using the robot

  1. Connecting to the robot
  2. Gmapping
  3. Localization


  1. RGBD-camera: calibration & registration
  2. Connecting to file server via samba
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