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Name Luuk Poort Peter van Dooren Jeroen van Willigen
Project Name Improving the lever setting mechanism Improving the reproducibility of shots Calibration of Kinect Sensor based on Omni-vision
Supervisor Marjon van 't Klooster Jordy Senden Yanick Douven
Final Report File:Report Luuk.pdf File:Report Peter.pdf File:Report Jeroen.pdf
Final Presentation File:Presentation Luuk.pdf File:Presentation Peter.pdf File:Presentation Jeroen.pdf
Name Raymond Koopmanschap Josja Geijsberts
Project Name Multi-sensor people tracking
Supervisor Cesar Lopez Martinez Lotte de Koning
Final Report File:Report Raymond.pdf File:Report Josja.pdf
Final Presentation File:Presentation Raymond.pdf File:Presentation Josja.pdf

Tech United MSL Introduction

DevPC Installation

Our soccer robots (TURTLEs) are programmed and can be controlled using designated DevPC’s, make sure to install “one” next to your Windows OS. Here you can find how you can make your computer a DevPC. During the installation you will be asked for your DevPC-number, this is 8! Note that this requires you to install an OS next to Windows OS, make sure to back-up all of your important files before starting installation, just in case something goes wrong!

Introduction Demonstration

To get you started with the TURTLEs we will organize a small introduction at Friday 3th of February from 13.30h to 15.00h, please let me know if you can make it to this demonstration! During this meeting we will focus on:

- Introduction to the TURTLEs

- How to control the TURTLEs from your DevPC

- From a high-level: how the software works.


You are each supervised by a member of the team. You have already received an email (from me) with you daily supervisor as well. From the start it is good to plan a weekly meeting with your daily supervisor, this is your own responsibility. Moreover, during the Introduction Demonstration we will plan the bi-weekly meetings with René van de Molengraft. This meetings will take 1.5 hours, in which each of you presents the current status of your BEP in 10 minutes + 5 minutes questions; you will have to attend the entire meeting.


During your Bachelor End Project you are allowed to work in the Robotics Research Lab, which is adjacent to the RoboCup Field. You are allowed to work at the Tech United MSL FlexDesks, look at the floorplan of the Robotics Research Lab for more information about these.

Tech United Meetings

The Tech United-team itself also works together and meets frequently to discuss the progress of the projects. You are of course allowed to join these meetings to get a good idea of what is going on in the project, moreover, presenting your current status in these meetings will give you very valuable feedback!

- The team works every Tuesday-evening, at the so-called development evening. As you will be added to the mailing-list you will start receiving invitations for these evenings.

- Every month we have the monthly meeting. The next monthly meeting is at the development evening on the 7th of February.

- Every week (when there was no monthly meeting on Tuesday that week) we have a smaller weekly meeting at the RoboCup field, in which the team members who work/study at TU/e discuss the status of their projects.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me or your daily supervisor an email!

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