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End Report: send to René + your Daily Supervisor before 31 January 23.59h.

End Presentation: 2nd February at 10.00h-11.30h.

You are allowed to present 20 minutes during your end presentation, timing will be strict. During the presentation one of the supervisors will inform you when you have got 5 minutes/1 minute left. Immediately, after all final presentations your grades will be determined. Schedule a meeting with your daily supervisor after the 2nd of February for feedback and the grade of your Bachelor End Project.

Name Sam Lousberg Johan Baeten Job van der Velde
Project Name Improving the reproducibility of shots Improving the lever setting mechanism Improving the Ball Handling system
Supervisor Jordy Senden Marjon van 't Klooster Wouter Kuijpers
End Report End Report Sam End Report Johan End Report Job
End Presentation End Presentation Sam End Presentation Johan End Presentation Job
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