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(Uncited sources)
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* On Terrain features on a part of Titan - [ link]
* On Terrain features on a part of Titan - [ link]
* On extremophiles in astrobilogy - [ link]
* On extremophiles in astrobilogy - [ link]
*On finding evidence of fossilized bacteria (on earth) - [ link]
* On finding evidence of fossilized bacteria (on earth) - [ link]
* Image based species identification - [ link]
* On rover-to-orbiter communication - [ link]

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Members Student ID Faculty E-mail
Ive Harzing 1325094 AP
Tim Kolen 1311506 AP
Peter Duel 1236313 ME
Quentin Missinne 1435957 ME
Johan van Tien 1455788 ME


Project Description

Project Objectives




(to be edited)

User: Space agencies (NASA, ESA, JAXA, Roscosmos) astro-biologists


(To be edited) Society: Satisfying our curiosity primarily: scientists Long term: Everyone


(to be edited) Enterprise: Space agencies Governmental: NASA, ESA, JAXA, Roscosmos) Commercial: SpaceX, Blue Origin


Project Plan


To approach the project, milestones are created in hopes of setting realistic goals which can be acheived on a weekly basis. These goals will span for the entirety of the project timeline. Note, these will change throughout the project, as the type of deliverable is still not set in concrete. Once this is decided many of the milestones can be removed or ammended. Below the milestones can be found in a chronological order. These will be used later to create a project plan which can be modified throughout the project.

Week 1

  • Project Decision
  • Project Plan
  • Research (25 papers - 5 P.P.):
  • Complete USEr research

Week 2:

  • List of topics for WIKI
  • RPC List
  • Start looking into design solutions
  • Specify Deliverable

week 3:

  • Research
  • Prototype/deliverable development of idea
    • potential deliverable programs/software
    • what would be used to create deliverable/software.
  • Update project plan for prototype/deliverable

Week 4:

  • Additional research (if necissary)
  • Begin developping prototype
  • Addapt WIKI page with new information

Week 5:

  • Run primary test on prototype
  • Fix any issues with prototype and further develop it
  • Addapt WIKI

Week 6:

  • Complete Prototype
  • Test Prototype deliverable

Week 7:

  • Final testing of deliverable
  • Fill in missing information from WIKI

Week 8:

  • Presentation
  • Finalize WIKI

Logbook and Structure:

For a thoroughly catalogued timetable of the work contributed by team members, the Logbook Group 5 is used.

The hours mentioned within this logbook correspond to the Project Plan Addaptable Structure, where-in a continuously modified to-do list is given, as well as the priority of each task, and how far developped these tasks are.



State of the Art:


Test section

Test 1<ref name="test"> Test reference. </ref> Test 2<ref name="test"></ref>. Test 3<ref name="what"> Another test.</ref>. Yields:

Test 1[1] Test 2[1]. Test 3[2].


  1. 1.0 1.1 Test reference.
  2. Another test.

Uncited sources

  • Nature (magazine) on Lakes On Titan - link
  • Nature (journal) on Lakes On Titan - link
  • On Terrain features on a part of Titan - link
  • On extremophiles in astrobilogy - link
  • On finding evidence of fossilized bacteria (on earth) - link
  • Image based species identification - link
  • On rover-to-orbiter communication - link
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