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Pleun Hutten, 1310925,

Idea 1: Elderly often struggle to meet their daily needs of calories, vitamins, minerals etc. I experience this with my grandfather; he finds it hard to eat enough and to buy the right things in the supermarket (fruit, vegetables etc) (even though the doctor urges him to). Therefore, I think it would be interesting to create an app with a feeding schedule for elderly. This app will automatically generate shopping lists (based on the daily needs and preferences of the elderly) and could maybe also propose simple recipes. If elderly are not able to cook anymore, the app could also be coupled to ‘tafeltje-dekje’ (a phenomenon in the Netherlands where caregivers come to the homes of elderly to bring food).

Idea 2: I don’t know whether this idea is completely desirable/ethical, but maybe it could work. Many high school-teachers in the Netherlands are concerned about the risks of being in a (small) classroom with 25-30 students who do not have to keep 1.5m-distance between themselves. They have to keep 1.5m distance from the teacher, but we all know that this will not always be realized. Maybe we can develop a device that gives a warning (vibrating signal on wrist) when a student/colleague comes within a distance of 1.5m.

Erik: 1257811

Dayeong: 1258893

Idea1: A medication reminder system for the elderly who have a mild forgetfulness problem. It lessens the burden of caretakers and boosts the independence of the elderly by helping them indirectly. (I uploaded files from my previous prototype onto Gdrive.)

Idea2: I'm interested in emotional recognition system so was looking into other projects. And then I saw 5 emotional recognition/feedback system projects for recent years. But I didn't see much differences between them and I'm not sure if we can differentiate our project from them.

Jeroen Bakermans 1007330

Idea 1: Combining fall detection and a medicine reminder into one design. This device should be easy and nice to wear being a watch for example. So that the elderly are not ashamed to wear something that monitors them. This device could also contain a heart monitoring system and a pulse oximeter.

Idea 2: Another idea is thinking of a heart attack device for users while they drive. Some cars have car lane assist, this is likely to increase in the future. This technique can aid with making a safe stop. So, when the device detects that the driver is having a heart attack it calls an emergency line and puts on the emergency lights. The car then tries to make a save stop (maybe on the side of the road if possible).

Rik Nietsch 1244044

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