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Improved Scenario

The scenario starts with the customer buying a package in 2025 from the best-selling company in the Eindhoven. The customer lives in the so called “Parklaan”. Within 20 minutes after payment, the drone with the package is in a radius of 100 meters of the destination.

When the drone is nearby it switches to a more accurate way of orientation, to find the exact location of the front door where it needs to be. The customer lives in a flat, so because of laws he still has to come out of the apartment to the front door of the building. A few years back this was possible, but to many drones got into flats so it could not be handled anymore. This is why the drone is not allowed to go into buildings.

While the drone evades 2 birds and 10 rocks (that children threw) and 1 other drone it flies smooth and quick to the front door of the flat. The customer gets 2 minutes before the drone arrives a message on his phone that the drone arrived and he comes to the door. At this moment the company is still accountable for the package and this is staying this way until the customer accepted the package. The customer can identify himself by showing his member card from the company or by showing the QR-code of the order together with his id-card. After the drone verified this data with the data that is attached to the package, the package can be released. The customer has to tell if he wants the package on the ground or in his hands and the drone easily does so. If the customer has the package, the drone verifies that it is done and it can leave after exactly 26 minutes after payment.

While gaining altitude, a person tries to grab the drone. The drone can react fast and can just get away of this persons hands. If it would be grabbed, the drone makes pictures of the person and sends all the information to the headquarters. The headquarters would immediately call the police and the special drone squad will track the robber down. Luckily this time is not that time, but just to make sure the drone makes a picture. This picture is only kept for several months for evidence. Now the drone is at a safe distance from bad people, it can return back to the base. It is still not allowed to go over gardens, which is a rule since the beginning of the drone-age. The drone just uses the air above the streets, just as it is told to do.

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