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Motion detection

The first thing that comes to mind when detection motion is required is using motion sensors. These sensors are however not suitable for security drones because they cannot function properly when they are moving. One way to use these detectors is to only scan the environment when the drone is hovering. But this would significantly limit the capital gain of security drones compared to the standard security systems as they are now. An alternative is using thermal cameras. Humans and animals will light up on the recordings of a thermal camera due to theyre body heat. There is software available that can recoginze and analyze this heat, which allows the security guard to receive a warning when a certain heat level is detected. An example of such software is FLIR Tools. [1]

The security drones should also be able to make recordings which allow for identification of persons. This means it has to be a camera with sufficient quality. Themeral cameras alone do not seem to be very usefull for identification. This means a second camera is required for identification. But there is also a third option: A two in one camera. This is a camera that has both a thermal camera and a regular camera. A camera that would be very useful for this applicatoin is the Mini Dual-Sensor Camera Module for UAV/UGV Integration [2]. This dual camera has a FLIR TAU 2 320x240 pixel or 640x480 pixel thermal camera and a SONY 10X Optical Zoom 530TV Line Color Camera (w/12X Digital Zoom) regular camera and it is designed for drones. The thermal camera also works with the FLIR Tools software mentioned above.

The Mini Dual-Sensor Camera has all the functions that our security drones need and it allows for detecting people while moving, while regular motion sensors do not have this ability. This is why this camera has been chosen to be used on the security drones.


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