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Financial analysis

For this cost analysis a relatively simple model is used. The model consists of a square building suite. With some high unoverseeable objects. The model has a fence around the building site, to protect in the first case from ntruders. The costs of the system depends of course on the duration of the system. For this analysis we use a time period of 1 month. The fee of a security guard is estimated around 16 euro (night duty) and the fee for an installation engineer around 12 euro’s per hour. (both systematically hired, no freelance) [1]

Current situation

In the current situation, there are at least 5 stationairy camera’s needed. Night camera’s which can see for at least 20 meters are around 150 euro. So only the camera’s would be 750 euro’s. The prejudice of these pricey camera’s is they can see at day too. The installation costs are quite expensive too. Installation of a single camera is estimated for 0.5 hours. And connecting the total in the main system would take at least an hour too. Furthermore these camera’s can’t fly. And a construction site doesn’t have many objects to attach the camera’s too. So another 0.5 hour is required to make a construction of poles or something to attach the camera to. This would lead to a 6 hour installation procedure. The construction site changes continually. The corner camera’s will be stationed all day long in the same spot. But the middle camera, needs to be moved about every week, to obtain optimal situations. Therefore every week 1 hour installation should be required for a secure situation Every night a security guard is needed to control the camera’s. A security guard works form about 10 o’clock in the evening to 5 in the morning. The construction builders start early so this is why the security guard is dismissed this early. But it is still a night of 7 hours with a fee of €30,- per hour. So this will cost €210,- per night, which is €6300,- per month.

Service/goods Costs (per month per construction site)
Night vision cameras €750,-
6 hour installation €72,-
Security guard €3360,-
1 hour weekly installation €48,-
Total €4230,-

Drone situation

The drone situation uses a infrared camera. These thermal cameras are quite costly. The estimation is about €2500,-. This would of course not be the cost reduction. But it replaces all 5 night vision camera’s in the current building site. It has a normal camera too, with flash, so if an intruder must be captured, it will be able to do so The installation costs would be way cheaper. The docking station must be placed somewhere in the construction site and the main points to navigate to must be installed. This would only take 1 hour and no intermediate reinstallation in the whole period. Furthermore the security guard can overview 4 or 5 construction building sites in the same time. This would reduce the security costs to 1/5 of its original costs The drone is an extra cost in this model. But the drone lasts longer than one month and can be reused. If the price of the drone is estimated about 4000 euro’s, and the drone is estimated to last for 3 years. In one month about 110 euro must be reserved for the drone’s costs.

Service/goods Costs (per month per construction site)
Thermal camera €2500,-
6 hour installation €12,-
Security guard €672,-
1 hour weekly installation €0,-
Drone €110,-
Total €3184,-

Besides the material and fee costs, less intruders will be able to escape the security. Therefore there will also be a cost reduction in these things.


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