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Figure Positioning Tool


A tool to facilitate positioning of figures on a certain location on the screen.


Position the figure with number fignr at a desired location. Run the function pos(fignr) in the command prompt of matlab. This will copy a command similar to set(1,'position',[1400 530 560 420]); to your clipboard. Next, paste this line after the figure(fignr); command in your m-file (use CTRL-V!). The next time you run the m-file, the figure will be positioned at the desired location.

File: pos.m


function pos(fig)


clipboard('copy', ['set(',num2str(fig),',position,[',num2str(posvec(1,1)),' ',num2str(posvec(1,2)),' ',num2str(posvec(1,3)),' ',num2str(posvec(1,4)),']);' ])

disp(['Clipboard contains: ' clipboard('paste')]);

disp('Paste this after your figure(fig); command in your m-file.');

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