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# [[ MRC/FullExample | Full Example ]]
# [[ MRC/FullExample | Full Example ]]
# .. More tutorials coming up ..!
# [[ MRC/Using_Pico | Testing on the real robot and recording data]]
# [[ MRC/Using_Pico | Testing on the real robot and recording data]]

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In here, one can find the programs that are going to be used for this course and the proper way of operating them. If one encounters a problem/error, this is typically resolved in the tutorial. If not, then one can also consult the FAQ.

  1. Introduction
  2. Installing Ubuntu
  3. Customizing Ubuntu
  4. Do the following C++ tutorials:
    1. up to and including Name visibility
    2. MIT's Introduction to C++: up to and including Classes
    • Remarks:
      • For now, use a simple editor such as gedit (the ubuntu version of Notepad). We will install a more advanced editor (IDE - Integrated Development Environment) later.
      • Once you have saved your C++ program (e.g. as example.cpp), it can be compiled from a terminal using:
        g++ example.cpp -o example
        and run with
  5. Installing the MRC environment
  6. Setting up your project
  7. Setting up an IDE
  8. Setting up the PICO simulator
  9. Towards an autonomous robot
  10. Obtaining laser, odometry, and control effort data
  11. Sharing your project through git
  12. Full Example

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