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Note: in the first 5 weeks we did not make a logbook, however we have made minutes of every meeting. On the basis of these minutes we filled in the first 5 weeks of the logbook. However, sometimes tasks are done by others, because the person who got the task was not able to complete it. The result of this is that this logbook is not always correct, however in general it is.

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Week 1

Groupmember(s) Tasks
Everyone Current similar systems research, feasibility test, presentation draft, search for video’s or other visuals for the presentation.

Week 2

Groupmember(s) Tasks
Everyone Deepen the previous research
Vashist Ramchurn and Sil Maas* Prepare the first presentation (before Friday 12 February)
Everyon except Vashist Ramchurn and Sil Maas Check the presentation (before Sunday 14 February afternoon)

Sil was hit by a car in the weekend of 12 February, so he was not able to prepare and do the presentation, Noud took this task over.*

Week 3-4

We will add these weeks later to the logbook

Week 6

Groupmember(s) Tasks
Everyone Think of 3 names for the system
Sil Maas Make good non-suggestive questions, extend the USE part (wiki), work on the implementation of the screens (website)
Jim Beckers Improve the ‘trust’ part (wiki), extend the USE part (wiki), draw the screens of the pharmacist-interface, start working on the implementation of the pharmacist interface
Noud Frints Improve unemployment part (wiki), make good non-suggestive questions
Gerben Hup Make the agenda of the meetings, Start working on the interface on the website, work on the implementation of the database (website-php)
Chiel van Vliet Make the minutes of the meetings, Work-out the decided screens on the pc, start working on the design of the machine, work on the implementation of the screens (website)
Vashist Ramchurn Make good non-suggestive questions, fill in the simulation database, take a look into the security of the system
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