Kennis toepassen op onze zinnen

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De zinnen die in de enquête worden gebruikt zijn de volgende 6 schuingedrukte zinnen.

Do you take a shower every day? (yes/no)

  • 1. Yes: (Sad) It is such a shame that you choose to behave in this way.
  • 2. No: (Happy) Yes, that is the way to go!

On the average, do you shower longer than ten minutes? (yes/no)

  • 3. Yes: (Sad) You let me down. Please change your behavior.
  • 4. No: (Happy) That is what I would like to hear!

Do you turn off the shower when you are using shampoo or soap? (yes/no)

  • 5. No: (Sad) I am disappointed that you waste so much water.
  • 6. Yes: (Happy) That is fantastic. Keep up the good work!
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