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Install Tech United software

follow installation instructions on How to install Ubuntu 10.04 on a devpc

At Install the Tech United Software, comment out the lines regarding the KINECT.

Ensure that /home/robocup/svn/trunk/src/Turtle2/Libs/Simulink/ and all its subdirectories are in the MATLAB path

PITON source

  1. Make a new directory /home/PITON
  2. Download‎ and extract the contents in /home/PITON/
  3. Download‎ and extract the contents in /home/PITON/software/Beckhoff EL4132/

Copy EL4132 s-function

copy s-function for EL4132 to Robocup folder

  • Copy ec_EL4132_dac.c and ec_EL4132_dac.mexglx from /home/PITON/software/Beckhoff EL4132/ to /home/robocup/svn/trunk/src/Turtle2/Libs/Simulink/Ethercat/

Extra packages

Use the Package Manager to install the following packages and their dependencies

Required packages

  • libdc1394-22
  • libdc1394-dev
  • libdc1394-utils
  • libraw1394-11
  • libraw1394-dev
  • wine

Optional packages

  • coriander (to view camera output)

To compile programs using the libdc1394 package without problems, one file has to be changed.

  1. Open /usr/include/dc1394/dc1394.h with super user privileges
  2. Comment the line #include <dc1394/register.h> so it becomes /*#include <dc1394/register.h>*/
  3. Save the file

Extra programs

Install the EasySetup, which enables configuration of the motor drive

  1. Double click technosoft EasySetup installer.exe, it will be opened by WINE
  2. The serial needed for installation is 0000-RKNZ-RWS0-029F
  3. Do not update the program through the internet, if requested. WINE cannot handle this update, resulting in a not properly functioning setup program.

Add to path

Add to MATLAB path

  • /home/PITON/fireCamCalibration
  • /home/PITON/src
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