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To make sure the software can be tested on a swarm of quality robots it was best to create our own. To do this first some requirements needed to be set:

  • Robustness: Robots need to break down as minimum as possible.
  • Speed: Robots need to work at reasonable speed but still have enough torque to deal with obstacles etc.
  • Tools: Because the robots need to move object some sort of shovel can be attached.
  • Sensors: Robots need to be able to know where the others are, know where obstacles and objects are and be aware of current speed, acceleration and direction.



To make sure the robot is robust a sturdy chassis was chosen on shich tank treads will be attached instead of wheels. File:trackandwheels.JPG


To control the speed and torque of the robot twin motor gearbox was chosen with several configurations ranging from 58:1 to 203:1 using an rpm of 72 to 374.



No Tools Chosen yet


To make sure the robot is aware of objects an analog distance measurer using infrared was chosen with a range of 100 to 800 milimeters and a response time of 38ms. File:Infrared.jpg

Also to track speed, acceleration and direction the Pololu MinIMU-9 Gyro, Accelerometer, and Compass can be attached.


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