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'PICO in the Hospital'



This course is about software design and how to apply this in the context of autonomous robots. The accompanying assignment is about applying this knowledge to a real-life robotics task.

Getting Started

To get started, please do the tutorials on the Tutorial Page.


Here you can find a collection of Frequently Asked Questions. Please check this page before contacting the student assistants or the tutors! If you find any issues or questions you had to deal with, please add them as well so your colleagues don't run into the same problems.

Group Wiki Pages

Group 1 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Group 2 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Group 3 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Group 4 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Group 5 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Group 6 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Group 7 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Group 8 - visit wiki - Tutor:

Contact Details


Yanick Douven - y dot g dot m dot douven at tue dot nl

Wouter Houtman - w dot houtman at tue dot nl

Bob Hendrikx - r dot w dot m dot hendrikx at tue dot nl

Hao Liang Chen - h dot l dot chen at tue dot nl

Marzieh Dolatabadi Farahani - m dot dolatabadi dot farahani at tue dot nl

Wouter Kuijpers - w dot j dot p dot kuijpers at tue dot nl

Herman Bruyninckx - herman dot bruyninckx at kuleuven dot be

René van de Molengraft - m dot j dot g dot v dot d dot molengraft at tue dot nl

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