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Several packages exist to create Powerpoint-like presentations in PDF using (PDF)LaTeX. Until now the only possibility to create slides in the TU/e style was using TU/ePDFScreen, based on the standard package pdfscreen. This package has several disadvantages, e.g. many warning messages, no floats allowed, slideshows can only be created using PDFLaTeX, a postprocessor is needed to show slides in several steps, no animations possible.

In the mean time another PDF presentation package had been written that became some kind of standard: Beamer. The beamer package has a huge amount of possibilities, at least too many to mention here. Now a TU/e theme for beamer has been created so LaTeX users can create TU/e style presentations and still use the full range of features included in beamer.

This version has been adapted to include a sidebar with the contents of your presentation showing. Download here

Beamer with sidebar
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