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Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems 22: 233-253, 1998.
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This is an older article (1997) which has researched the practical use of an automated wheelchair with various sensors. The idea was to create a wheelchair which could manoeuvre itself through tightly-packed environments, by using simple control inputs from elderly or disabled people that require vocational rehabilitation.
The many sensors combined allow for the wheelchair to "scan" its direct environment and ensure swift, precise and safe mobility. The way this project was realised was having users collaborate in every step of the process.
Many handicapped individuals are not capable of safe traveling using their wheelchairs. For them, a more self-sustaining system would be optimal. Also, autonomous wheelchairs could assist in busy stores with small aisles.

A test location was prepared with various floors and obstacles in place, in which multiple persons with a physical handicap were to test the electric wheelchairs. The participants were unanymously positive about the manoeuvrability they experienced during the test. The system was made compact as possible and had various ways to adjust the seating and controls.

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