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The ROS script used for our project involving AMIGO is given below.


In the first lines of the script a lot is imported. All import (..) lines are there to import and open multiple kinds of software and files that are required to succesfully execute the script. Import python is meant to indicate the code language python, which is the programming language this script is made with. Most other imported items were derived from the example script this script was based on. Their function is not known to us, but they are required to be imported nonetheless. Import startup imports a file name startup. The part between "from" and "import" indicates the directory or folder this file comes from. Import Float64MultiArray imports a type of message from a folder. This is a predefined type of message that is to send and received over the topic by the script. This type of message can be used to send arrays over a topic and is thus what needed to receive the proper information from the Kinect.



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