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Parcel delivery in an urban environment using unmanned aerial systems: a vision paper

Anbaroğlu, B., " Parcel delivery in an urban environment using unmanned aerial systems: a vision paper", ISPRS, (November, 2017) https://www.isprs-ann-photogramm-remote-sens-spatial-inf-sci.net/IV-4-W4/73/2017/isprs-annals-IV-4-W4-73-2017.pdf


The development of UAV’s started in the military. From there on, the technology spread to many other sectors that also benefit from it for performing various tasks. For this article, the use of drones for delivery purposes is considered. For now, the public still has a rather negative image of drones, as most people fear privacy violations. Professional UAV pilots, however, more fear the risk of possible accidents. The use of drones to deliver goods also has a lot of benefits. Firstly, they replace trucks, which saves a lot of space on the road and pollution. Thereby, drone delivery is good for the economy and employment, because of all development and manufacturing needed to make drone delivery systems. In short, it is cheaper, faster, safer and better for the environment. In order to get to a real implementation of drone delivery, there are three important challenges to overcome: public acceptance, regulations and technology. For public acceptance, the biggest challenges are privacy, safety and reliability. Considering regulations, the biggest problems are the tracking of the UAV’s, the identification of non-authorised UAV’s, hacking prevention and routing of the UAV’s, in order to prevent accidents. The technological challenges are mostly related to the battery life, avoiding other things and big buildings blocking GPS signals.

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