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| [[0LAUK0_2015_01_Week7|Week7]]
| [[0LAUK0_2015_01_Week7|Week7]]
'''Week 5''': 28-09-15
'''Week 6''': 05-10-15
= Meetings =
= Meetings =
== Monday ==
== Monday ==

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Week 6: 05-10-15







Kasper Bakker

Frank van Heeswijk

Yuanlong Li

Didn't spent too much time working on the project this week but have done the following.

-Changed the simulator a bit to make it work with multiple lines. Now we have two lines running in simulator.

-Added a very basic configuration interface

-Added some documentation for the code

-Added general happiness


-Make the routes and lines configurable from UI? probably xml or something similar so don't have to modify the code to add new lines and routes

-Add support for exporting result data to Excel

Eric Steenhof

Joey Verest

Eric Wolters

Lester Jones

Started with the past & current attempts.

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