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(= Progress from Eric Steenhof)
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== Plan ==
== Plan ==
= Progress =
== Progress from Kasper Bakker ==
== Progress from Kasper Bakker ==

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Week 4: 21-09-15


Meetings Monday

To find measurable quantities Li will look into literature to find good waiting time quantities. The requirements should be better defined. Kasper, Lester and Eric S will work on the introduction and objectives part of the report. While they will do this they can easily also elaborate more on the requirements and explain why our system is an improvement on the current system. Frank and Li will start on the basic set up of the simulation so that we can start on it as soon as possible. The survey should also be done this week and Eric W and Joey will organize it and organize the data. Everyone will conduct some surveys to distribute the workload. There is still some work to do on the literature studies so we will still work on this.



Progress from Kasper Bakker

Progress from Frank van Heeswijk

Progress from Yuanlong Li

Progress from Eric Steenhof

Progress from Joey Verest

Progress from Eric Wolters

Progress from Lester Jones

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