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Week 3: 14-09-15


Meetings Monday

We presented our idea of "Autonomous Public Transport System Design Report". We did not convey a clear idea of what we were going to do the next couple of weeks at the presentation. To create a better understanding of what we were going to do the next weeks we sat together. Still we found that the topic and plan is too generic and decided to make it more specific. We choose to focus on the scheduling system as the core of Autonomous Public Transport System. Together we wrote our thoughts down and answered all the questions asked after our presentation.

Meetings Thursday

We did not yet receive feedback on our plan due to a mistake. We sent an email to the wrong lecturer. However we decided to continue with our project and hope our plan gets approved. Everyone worked on their part according to the planning. Furthermore we updated the wiki more and made plans on how to continuously update it with usefull information.


Before monday:

Eric: finish the survey so that we can start conducting next week.

Li: finish literature study of past attempts and make a summary of these attempts.

Lester: finish the User Aspect of the USE studies


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